We are a small non-profit organisation loving others through community based development.

our projects are in kenya

we have HEADQUARTERS in the usa & new zealand

100% of donations go to the field.


where we work

We work in East Pokot, a Northern Region of Kenya.

Here the Pokot Tribe face serious challenges such as extreme hunger, severe drought, lack of water, food insecurity, lack of business, lack of education, unemployment (leading to problems such as local brew and drug abuse), tribal conflict, female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage, among other things.

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what we do

We join hands with extremely vulnerable members of the community to radically change their lives through various projects. These include:

  • Sponsoring Youth. Providing shelter, food & education to 36 kids.

  • A Community Farm serving 100+ with food & income.

  • Providing local schools and villages with Clean Water.

  • An Education Centre with teaching resources and mentorship.

  • Bringing schools holiday programmes, elementary teachers, and farms.



how we do it

Our biggest priority is to work with local leaders such as chiefs, government officials, school principles, teachers, pastors. They share with us the needs of their communities and we work together to implement sustainable solutions.

Education is the heart beat of everything we do. Knowledge transfer is vital to empower those to help themselves whist giving them the tools to help others.

We’ve come to learn that when a project is locally implemented and managed - the impact goes viral and ripples throughout the region.