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Global Tribe Agricultural Scholars


Four girls & eight boys from the villages of East Pokot have been offered an extremely rare scholarship to do an Agricultural Programme in Nairobi. The partnering organisation gives each student a free loan and trains them extensively in farming. Trainees are given a plot to use and they are able to pay back the loan with their farm profits! The programme is for one year.


Students can only participate in the programme if they buy basic starting needs (e.g. gumboots, warm clothes, the cost to travel), of which their vulnerable families stand no chance to pay!

We urgently need 12 sponsors @ 10 USD per month or 120 USD for one year.

Make A Difference.

100% of donations go to the students! 

1) Sponsor one or more students TODAY - PAY MONTHLY OR FOR THE YEAR upfront.

Pay monthly here. Each student is USD 10 per month. Please note ag student in the description. *Unfortunately we’re having glitches with the PayPal options, if you want to sponsor more than one student you’ll need to subscribe to option 1 - two or more times (unless you want to sponsor 5 or 10!) Sorry for the inconvenience!

Pay upfront here. Each student is USD 120 per year. Please note ag student in the description.

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your impact.

The youth offered this opportunity are otherwise idol in the villages of East Pokot. With no chance of work, being idol gives them no chance to support their own needs, and the needs of their family. Idol youth have a tendency to engage in activities such as substance abuse, theft and unplanned pregnancy.

With your support, they will acquire the knowledge to earn an income and put plenty of food on the table! They will be equipped to support their vulnerable families who lack food and employment.

So Thank You!