Education in the desert.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela

HIGH SCHOOL scholarships

From January 2019, our student count in the scholarship programme is 36.

A high school scholarship includes a quality high school education, housing, 3 meals per day, mentorship and emotional support.

Our biggest programme is sending extremely vulnerable students to high school. In Kenya, primary school (elementary) is free but high school is incredibly expensive for families living in poverty. We provide scholarships to high performing vulnerable youth who would otherwise not have the chance to continue their education past primary school. We are currently assisting 36 hard working high school students.

We are always looking for more donors. Each student is USD600 per year or USD50 per month.

Beyond high school

Our support doesn’t stop at high school. We want to see our kids journey well into their next phase of life. Our first Global Tribe highschool graduate, Robert, interned with us for most of 2018. He has now joined a Polytechnic and is studying Agriculture. Robert wants to become an entrepreneur.

Relin Education Centre

Relin means 'something new' in East Pokot, Kenya. Resources are scarce. At our education centre we have books, life skills guides, mentors and study materials. The centre was opened in 2017 and continues to expand.


Holiday Support Program

This program offers support and mentorship to our scholarship students, and other vulnerable students in the area, during the school break. The school break presents many challenges to the students including hunger, lack of materials and resources for studying, forced marriage and forced labor. The holiday program offers a safe space for the students to study and provides food, tutoring, and empowerment workshops to help them address the challenges they face.  

YES Program

The Youth Education Support Program is a two-part program designed to help high school graduates become agents of change within their community while also offering assistance to vulnerable primary schools (elementary schools) in the region. Volunteers are mentored and then placed at local primary schools where they teach classes, facilitate workshops, offer tutoring, and help address absenteeism and student drop outs.   Many elementary schools in East Pokot are severely under resourced and under staffed. The students who attend these schools face a multitude of challenges as they try to stay in school, pass their exams, and eventually make it to high school. The dropout rates in the area are very high due to poverty related issues, family migration, early marriage, and child labor. Our hope is that the YES Program participants will be great role models for these younger students and be able to offer a crucial support role in their lives. This program requires funding as the participants are paid a small stipend to assist with their living cost.  

University Scholarships

Unfortunately, many students who complete high school in East Pokot do not have the financial means to continue their education. As we believe in assisting individuals to reach their full potential we have started a University Scholarship Program. We are providing partial university scholarships for 2 high school graduates who successfully completed last years YES Program. One of the students is pursuing a degree in community development and the other in teaching. We know these two students well and are very proud of their hard work. These students are reinvesting in their community by volunteering with us on university breaks.