create a fundraising campaign.

 100% of what you raise goes to the field!

Get creative and come up with a fundraiser for a project you are passionate about!  You may want to pair your fundraising with an event, party, challenge or a birthday! We’ll help you put together a Go Fund Me or a Give A Little!

Here are some successful fundraisers to date:


2017 - Mount Kenya - $2184 raised

Our Founder & Director, Rebecca Walton, made a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for the 2016/17 deadly drought. She climbed Africa’s second highest mountain, Mount Kenya. Two days to ascend 5199m (17,057ft).


2018 - Ultra-Marathon - $2705 raised

One of our 2017 volunteers Dan Gillian from Australia campaigned to raise funds for Global Tribe and another organisation by doing the Old Ghost Ultra 2018 in New Zealand. He ran 85km (52 miles) with more than 2,600m (8530ft) of ascent!

Share your fundraising idea and we can work together on a campaign!

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