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Buy an income and nutrient producing animal for a school in East Pokot, Kenya.


100% of your donation is gifted!

buy a baby camel.

200 USD

Buy a Camel!

A Camel can provide huge value to vulnerable kids in East Pokot schools. They are drought tolerant animals with minimum maintenance.  When grown, they can produce around SIX LITRES of milk per day for almost a year.  The Pokot people regard Camel’s milk as extremely nutritious and medicinal since they eat all kinds of herbal trees.

Buy a goat.

50 USD

Buy a Goat!

Goats milk is widely used in Pokot as a source of  nutrition and income. It is very common for families to sell milk in local markets to pay for household expenses. School’s will be able to use the income from the goats to support their needs.

buy some chickens.


Buy some Chickens!

We have a thriving chicken coop project producing many eggs and chicks. We sell the eggs for income which goes toward our development activities. We also teach locals about poultry farming - a skill families use to produce income.


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*NZ DONORS: Global Tribe Trust is a non-profit New Zealand Charitable Trust, No. CC40995. Please note that donations do not qualify for a tax rebase as we do not have 'overseas donee status'. Tax receipts are issued once per year. Please email with your name, email or postal address if you wish to receive a receipt.  

*KENYAN & ZAMBIAN DONORS: We have registered Charities in Kenya & Zambia. Please email should you require a receipt for your donation. 

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