Global Tribe India’s Children's Centre

Our GOAL is simple, to create a place where the underprivileged children of Bawana, India learn basic life skills, in a fun loving, safe environment that will empower them throughout their lives.



After an initial visit to Bawana, in January 2007, Julie-Ann Clayton headed back to India to open Global Tribe Children’s Centre. Julie Ann, affectionately known as “Jig” and a small team of volunteers in NZ are working under the umbrella of Global Tribe with Delhi House Society, an established NGO in Narela, Delhi.


Global Tribe Children’s Centre is a Day Centre where children come from 9am in the morning until 4pm in the afternoon. During this time the children learn hygiene skills, life skills, receive a basic education and learn about good values, as well as enjoying a nutritious midday meal. 



Bawana, within the Delhi district, is dominated by a slum of more than 20,000 people. The Bawana slum was significantly added to by the forced relocation of Delhi’s poor for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. As a resident of this slum, you experience high unemployment, high crime rates, high disease rates including malaria and typhoid brought about by open and stagnant sewers, mounds of rubbish and overcrowded make-shift-shelters. 


The Global Tribe India team would like to do more for the children of Bawana, but that takes money. Therefore the best way you can help is to donate money or to sponsor a child’s education on-going. Please email us if you wish to receive our periodic newsletter:

If you would like to sponsor a child then $20 / month would be a great help. 

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Global Tribe Children Centre


Quarterly Report

Oct ~ Dec ‘17


October 2017

The birth of Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation, is celebrated also as Swachchhta Diwas

(Sanitation Day). Hence, we decided to focus our efforts on this day to teach our children the

importance and value of this day. We told them how, for Gandhi ji, cleanliness was next to


We advised them to practice cleanliness at home and wherever they go.


November 2017

We celebrated Zoya’s birthday in this month. She also brought sweets to share with everyone

in school.

Zoya is 4 years old. She is one of the most obedient students in our school. She is known for

being calm and very attentive. We feel very proud of her.


December 2017

December is the month of Christmas. The day we all wait the whole year.

The celebration was more special as our Sir Keshav Pandey ji played Santa by bringing for

our children special meals like Chicken Biryani, Aloo Puri and delicious kheer. He personally

served the children. Pandey Sir and his team (Prakash ji and Faniel ji) seem to really enjoy

the fellowship. And so did our children.

And as is our annual custom, we gifted our children new warm clothes.


Prayer Request

We need a better place for our school with separate rest rooms and kitchen area with more