The water project was founded by Levi Walton in 2016, while he was visiting Kenya for 8 months. To raise funds, he has partnered with the New Zealand wholesaler Moana Road, to distribute water bottles to numerous retailers in New Zealand. Moana Road is donating the funds to buy the water bottles, as well as donating any profit made through wholesale deals. 100% of which goes to providing clean water to needy schools and villages.

 Rain Water Harvesting in Schools

Many schools in East Pokot have large water storage tanks, but no means of collecting rainwater. This leaves many schools without water. Students without water suffer poor concentration and lack of attendance. Learning time is significantly reduced due to time to collect water. In many cases, students collect dirty water from near by sources, leading to easily preventable water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, chloria and dysentery. 

To collect clean rain water - installation of roofing gutters - is all it takes. This is a low cost, but effective solution that and enables all round water for many schools. This year we will be installing these in as many schools as funding allows.

Connecting Water to Villages

In 2016, we were able to provide two clean water points to villages in East Pokot. We installed piping which connected to a clean bore hole several kilo-meters away from the villages. Before these water points were connected, locals were collecting water from a near by river bed (as the walk to clean water was too long), this resulted in many people catching water-borne diseases.